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· 4 min read
Evan Tay

I integrated PostHog analytics into this website today. I decided to do so after reading Gergely Orosz's Stats page on his blog The Pragmatic Engineer. He had installed Plausible analytics and made his analytics dashboard public. I thought that was cool and wanted to do the same.

I managed to find a Plausible plugin for Docusaurus v2, which is what this website runs on. But I decided to use PostHog instead. It also has a Docusaurus plugin and a public dashboard feature. I decided so because it is free and Plausible isn't.

· 2 min read
Evan Tay

I got tired of deploying my Docusaurus website to GitHub Pages manually, and decided to do something about it using GitHub Action.

Initially, I was planning to follow the official guide on doing so. However, it was actually much more complicated than I liked. I did not really want to generate and store a SSH key on GitHub. Too much effort man.

I decided it was better off for me to write my own script. Here it is: