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Published on January 23, 2021
Updated on August 8, 2021

Reading List#

Here, you will find my thoughts on articles, books, videos and other forms of media. I also maintain a Reading List of articles, books, videos, and more which I think are meaningful and insightful.

Article Summaries#

TopicDate Last Updated
1Lessons Learnt from Scaling Memcached in ProductionApril 14, 2021

Book Summaries#


Here, you will find a collection of concise notes on full-stack software engineering and cloud operations. These notes are filed under their respective topic, with related topics are categorised under the same chapter.

Cloud and Networking#

TopicDate Last Updated
1DockerDecember 24, 2020
2GCP GKEDecember 24, 2020
3MininetDecember 27, 2020
4Network ModelNovember 30, 2020


TopicDate Last Updated
1CDecember 23, 2020
2JavascriptAugust 1, 2021

Tooling and OS#

TopicDate Last Updated
1GitDecember 23, 2020
2iTerm2January 23, 2021
3UbuntuDecember 23, 2020

Web Development#

TopicDate Last Updated
1MongoDBDecember 23, 2020
2NodeJSDecember 23, 2020