DigiDocs 2.0


DigiDocs 2.0 is a collection of concise tutorials focused on full-stack software engineering and cloud operations.

1Cloud and NetworkingDocker, GCP GKE, Mininet, Network Model
2Web DevelopmentMongoDB, NodeJS
4Tooling and OSGit, Ubuntu, iTerm2

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iTerm2 and zsh Setup on 23 January 2021



  1. DigiDocs 1.0 - MkDocs: January 2019 to October 2020
  2. DigiDocs 2.0 - Docusaurus v2: November 2020 to Present

I started my personal documentation website project DigiDocs using MkDocs in January 2019, and kept it updated up until October 2020. I was motivated to do so because I wanted to consolidate useful knowledge gained from attending university classes, and my own self-directed learning.

Back then, I hosted DigiDocs at evantay.com/docs, and a separate portfolio website powered by PHP at evantay.com.

I ended up replacing both documentation and portfolio site with a single Docusaurus v2 website (which you're looking at right now). I did so to keep up with the latest technologies, improve site maintainability, and reduce operating costs.

To find out more, read my blog post on this matter.