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This website is still under construction. I did it as part of my PHP learning journey and plan to re-create a more efficient version from scratch using what I have learnt. Please avoid the following pages: blog, projects.


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Please avoid looking at this section of the page.


Who am I

Hi! I am Evan. I spend most of my time programming and playing the guitar, both of which I am very passionate about. Some of my hobbies are gaming, reading and watching movies.

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What am I

I am a year 2 student @ Singapore Polytechnic studying Diploma in Information Technology, specializing in Game Development. I am also a Microsoft Student Partner and IDA Integrated Infocomm Scholar. In addition, I participate in IT events as part of a Student Interest Group and help out my school as a DMIT Student Ambassador.

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What I do

I develop 2D/3D games for Windows, Windows Phone and XBOX 360 using DirectX in C++ and XNA in C#. In addition, I experiment with client-side and server-side web development using HTML with Javascript and PHP respectively.

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Feel free to email me at evan.it.sg@gmail dot com!

I will reply within a week!